The Original Lebanon – Phoenicia

by morethantheheadlines


The Phoenicians are the original Lebanese, who occupied the coastline of Lebanon for thousands of years.

The most famous cities Byblos (known as Jbeil in Lebanon) and Tyre (known as Sour in Lebanon) remain standing to this day and are an active, vital part of modern Lebanon.

Phoenicia was never a single nation but rather divided into independent city-states. These would occasionally clash, leading to one city-state dominating the other. Although they would collaborate for leagues and treaties.

The Phoenicians are mostly famous for two things.

The first is their famous enterprise maritime trading culture that lasted until 300 BC. It helped spread the Phoenician empire as far as Carthage, the city the Romans famously burnt to the ground, and proved very profitable for to the Phoenicians.

The second is their use of an Alphabet. The Phoenician phonetic Alphabet is believed to be the first widely used language in antiquity. Historians generally believe it is the ancestor of all modern alphabets.

It was discovered in the 19th century and originally believed to be a sub-text of Egyptian hieroglyphics.


As the original Lebanese, historians and archaeologists have found that many Lebanese, Christian and Muslim, can trace their ancestry as far back as the Phoenicians!

The Phoenicians were eventually conquered city-state by city-state by Alexander the Great. The siege of Tyre, which Alexander the Great used to conquer Tyre remains standing to this day.