Lebanon, A tale of positivity

by morethantheheadlines

I watch the news, I analyse the headlines. What do I hear?

Negativity, followed by negativity. I wonder, do the media outlets understand the effects they have on society and on a whole culture, when all they do is portray the negative side of Lebanon? Lebanon is a beautiful country, of love, peace, and a culture everyone aspires to have. 

Lebanon’s negativity is a result of the way the media talks about it.

The rich culture and family life, shared amongst all is the true essence of the people, although the media prefer to label the newsworthy, and therefore influence people to think nothing but negativity, particularly as the media is the main source of information for people. 

Have you ever stopped and wondered about what Lebanon has, and given it the same impression you get when someone says ‘Europe’? 

– Beaches

– Mountains

– Traditional Buildings

– Nightlife 

– Festivals 

– Cedars

The list goes on. So next time you read a story, please look beyond the headlines and ask yourself if you can believe what you always hear in the news. We encourage you to look at the positives of Lebanon and look at it as the country it actually is, rather than the way stereotypes consider it.

Read more than the headlines, and start creating the well deserved positive connotations. When something means so much to you as your culture, you would do anything to not let societal labels bring it down.