Media vs Lebanon

by morethantheheadlines

The following is a great article we recommend you read to firstly understand the media situation in Lebanon. Please leave your thoughts. If you have no time to read it all, we suggest you read this paragraph, as it gives insight into the way Lebanon is presented. The article outlines the way the media is in Lebanon and its influences. However, we believe that countries such as Australia should not further report in biased ways, and use the media freedom they have to write about the beauties in a country, rather than scare people with biased views.

“By focusing on the media situation in eight different Middle Eastern countries, the Beirut conference, drew attention to the following: on the one hand, not only do these countries differ in culture and language, but also in the degree of democratisation of their system of government (including communication). Using the case of Lebanon and its unique situation as a relatively democratic Arab country with pluralistic liberal media and conservative civil laws, I called for the need to account for those differences when formulating and implementing common gender-sensitive communication policies. I also argued that, since most of the Middle East is still mired in a predominant culture of religious patriarchy and conservatism, any challenge to the hegemonic politico-religious patriarchal elite can be successful only if it capitalises on and incorporates religion in the feminist struggle and if it searches for an indigenous, Muslim- and international- based concept of human rights.

Media vs society in Lebanon